Mother and Daughter

Too Many Kids Are Lost In Fires

So we're doing something about it.



Captain Ed's

Fire Safety Book

  • Positive, accessible lessons

  • Bright, colorful artwork

  • Catchy, rhyming instructions

  • Turns kids into Deputy Fire Preventers

  • Sold at cost

Captain in the Classroom
  • Personable, informative speaker

  • Equipment Show & Tell

  • Q&A with any age group

  • Picture book reading for younger classes

  • Take selfies with the fire gear (including a rescue dummy)

  • No charge

It's 30 minutes that will last a lifetime.
And maybe even save one.


About Captain Ed

“I decided to write this book,” Captain Ed says, “because in my 35 years of service, I have seen a lot of tragedies that could easily have been avoided. Simple things for parents, like remembering to check batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. And simple things for kids too, such as not ‘hiding’ from the fire in their closets or under the bed. They don’t realize that they are also hiding from the fire fighters who are trying to find them, and sadly, fire is very good at playing hide and seek.”