Capt. Ed In the Classroom

Captain Ed loves visiting classrooms and working with the kids. In fact, he loves it so much that he doesn’t charge a dime for his time. He sees it as an important part of his mission: getting the message out to kids about how to be fire-smart. With his free, 30-minute in-class visit, Captain Ed wants to turn all your students into Deputy Fire Preventers.

During his visit, Captain Ed will show kids some of the fire fighting equipment and protective gear. He’ll bring along his rescue mannequin, and even let them take their picture with him. With younger kids, he will also do a reading from his picture book. And of course, kids always have lots of questions, so much of the time will be spent on student Q&A. Visits are scheduled for approximately 30 minutes, but Captain Ed is flexible, and is happy to stay for as long as the kids are engaged.


  • Within 1 hour of Saskatoon, no charge

  • More distant visits are charged travel expenses only